How About a Revolution?

startwofaceMy heart is broken once again hearing news of the worse mass shooting in U.S. history. This time, at the hands of one man with no apparent motive. He was able to amass a huge amount of firepower without suspicion and unleashed unthinkable violence into a crowd of country music fans on the Las Vegas strip. In several minutes, this man killed 58 and injured more than 500. Beyond horrific…

 Once again there will be more controversy about gun control but nothing will really change unless our society and the world make a fundamental shift. The problem isn’t really about guns, because we all know that guns don’t kill people, people do. Making more laws will not make people less violent and those who are inclined will figure out a way, they always have. But, making changes to limit availability of assault weapons and huge amounts of ammunition could prevent mass casualties. We’ve got to do something. Prayers and condolences are not enough.

It seems pretty simplistic but what the world really needs now is to express more love. We need to love ourselves, our family and our neighbors. We need to have more compassion and understanding. We need to stop feeling entitled and greedy. We need to stop hating…

Today, as I grieve for the people who lost their lives and who were hurt by the senseless violence in Las Vegas I will spread love with an action. I’ll start right now. I will smile at my neighbor and will help a friend. I’ll give a stranger a compliment and a hug. I will make dinner for someone who’s hungry. I will fold a crane and I will share it with love. I want to start a revolution of love, want to join me?

4 thoughts on “How About a Revolution?

  1. Karen, this is such a great idea. I have family in LV and lived there for many years. My heart is broken beyond words. All of my family are safe. I love your post and feel the same way.

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