Meditation Banner Tutorial

I created this meditation banner in hopes to refocus and regain balance in a busy world and I want to share the process with all of you. The process of making it was not only fun, but it was mediative as well.

Splash Ink Acrylic Mixing Colors
Artistcellar Pocket Stencils Chakra Series
Strathmore Artist Trading Cards Illustration Board
Golden Gloss Medium
Holbein Titanium White and Titanium Buff Matte Acrylic paint
Standard hole punch
Eyelet setterIMG_3366To start this project first punch holes in all four corners of each card and paint 7 cards in a rainbow of colors. To make purple for the Crown chakra, mix magenta and blue Splash Ink. Indigo blue for the third eye chakra, light blue for the throat chakra, green for the heart chakra, yellow for the solar plexus, orange for the spleen chakra and lastly, ruby red for the root chakra. These colors are easily made with only three Splash Ink colors.image2
Apply gloss medium over the stencil with a palette knife using a scraping motion. Lift the stencil carefully from the card and put the stencil in a bath of water to make cleaning easier. I chose clear gloss medium to scrape over the stencil onto the ATC cards so the color will come through after drying. image3Cover all cards with the gloss medium using a different Chakra stencil. Set aside to dry until the gloss medium is completely clear. Use this drying wait time to clean your stencils thoroughly.image4
After the medium is completely dry, brush on titanium buff and titanium white acrylic paint over the entire card.
When the paint is just dry enough to touch, use a baby wipe to gently remove the white paint from the chakra to reveal the color underneath. Do this step with all cards so all color is removed off the gloss medium area. Touch up areas on the card if some of the paint was removed from around the chakra.image5
Insert antique brass eyelets and connect the chakra cards with antique jump rings. You can also use ribbon or thread to connect the cards.
Once all the cards were connected I mixed a wash of Splash Ink and brushed it over the cards and wiped off the excess color for an antique look.image6
Here is the finished banner hanging on my bedroom wall next to my mirror. I plan to use it every morning during meditation to start the day and when I travel, I can fold it up and take it with me. Namaste đŸ™‚image7

2 thoughts on “Meditation Banner Tutorial

  1. Very neat and colorful. Right up your alley, your color alley!!!! Will miss our summer get to gethers. Have a wonderful summer.

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