10 Things To Do When You’re Not Feeling Creative

paintingIt happens to almost all of us. The time will come when we lose the muse and aren’t feeling creative even when we’re expected to be creating. It can be very disconcerting especially if we are on a deadline to make something fabulous.

There have been many times when I’ve felt bad about myself for not being in the mood to create. We must remind ourselves to take time to recharge our creative batteries and refill the artistic well.

If you are in a slump and waiting for your creativity to return, try doing the things on my  list. They have helped me through creative slumps for years and I hope they help you.

#1 Breathe
Stop beating yourself up because you aren’t feeling creative. Take a deep breath, close your
eyes and know you are not alone.
#2 Organize
Spend a little time organizing your studio, craft room or workspace. Find a place for your supplies and label the drawers or boxes so you can find them more easily. 
#3  Clean
Go through your supplies and clean residue from the caps of paints and mediums so product flows easily the next time you need them. Throw dried out paints, inks and stamp pads.
#4  Condition
Natural hair brushes will benefit from conditioning with cheap hair conditioner. Generously apply the hair conditioner to a brush after washing and let dry. 
#5  Observe
Spend some time looking at art created by others. Take a class. Go to a museum and bring a sketchbook. If you can’t get away, look at art online or go to the library. Take a hike or walk in a park.
#6  Listen
Put on some of your favorite music. Dance a little or dance a lot. Let the music move you.
#7  Doodle
Keep a drawing pad, pen or pencil on your work table and doodle. Jot down ideas and
thoughts. Scribble your emotions and cross hatch them out. Doodling is very therapeutic.
#8  Photograph
Bring your camera every where you go. Take pictures of things that inspire you. Use a
macro lens and get as close as possible when you shoot. Compose from every day objects.
#9  Minimize
If you work in a lot of mediums or you haven’t used something in a year, you may want to
decide which supplies you want to keep. Maybe it’s time to get rid of those macrame supplies! 
#10  Give
Give your art. You will make a persons day and the act of letting go always brings
something better in return. Hopefully the creative spark will reappear…

© Karen Elaine Thomas 2013

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