My Thoughts Exactly

mythoughtsonlove It’s been a long time since I kept a journal of thoughts and ideas. I use to write everything in my journals, good, bad and ugly. My journals were sacred. They were an honest conversation between my head and heart. Writing in a journal helped me through difficult times and they were always my comfort when I felt alone. Writing made me feel more peace with myself and the world I live in.

A few years ago someone I thought I trusted read my journal and he confronted me about it’s contents. My secret thoughts were exposed, naked and raw. I felt violated and hurt. To protect myself from future invasions, I tore up the pages and burned every single one of my journals in my backyard barbeque and declared never to write my inner thoughts on paper ever again.

I didn’t realize how much I miss writing in a journal until I created this little page for an art book I am working on. I folded the pages and created a pocket book in which I can insert pages, then I made colorful patterned pages to insert in the pockets. These little pages are perfect for writing on, so I wrote my thoughts about love on the first page.

There is something soothing about writing thoughts down and seeing them materialize on paper, then letting them go. I love the connection I feel between my head and heart when I write in a journal and I am very grateful to be writing in a journal once again.

One thought on “My Thoughts Exactly

  1. While going through a box of old papers in my craft room I came across some notes I took from one of your TV appearances. I loved your art work way back in the Carol Duvall days, and I am so glad to reconnect with your beautiful, colorful, thoughtful art.

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