Butterflies Can’t Paint

fcbutterflycardLast night a couple of hours before bedtime, I started to think about how living beings are designed. We have our time and our seasons, and then we go while new life keeps coming. I thought about friends and family who have passed and how my time will come sooner or later. I have become more aware that I will not be on this earth forever to breathe, smile, laugh, love, play and create. I can’t imagine not being able to experience everything life has to offer, but as the the saying goes, life is short, and it really is.

Everyone who lives on this earth leaves a permanent impression whether it be through raising children, writing, working, creating or just being. A legacy is made with every action, good and bad.

I am comforted knowing that the brush strokes I make, the lines I draw and the words I write will linger for a very long time after I am gone. My art will live forever and that makes me feel alright.

Whatever we do with our brief time on this earth we need to make it count, because as far as I know there are no second chances and if there are, butterflies can’t paint.

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