How I Beat Stage IV Cancer

My friend and fellow cancer survivor asked me to share how I beat Stage IV breast cancer so that I may help a friend with the same diagnosis. It’s been over 6 years since I got the news that changed my life changed forever but it seems like it was yesterday.

This is what I did:

  1. Participated in a traditional treatment (chemotherapy, radiation and Tamoxifen) plan as prescribed by my Physician and Oncologist.
  2. Joined a cancer survivors support group.
  3. Had acupuncture and alternative healing therapies.
  4. Went to Reiki sessions regularly.
  5. Bought fun wigs.
  6. Learned to belly dance.
  7. Changed my diet.
  8. Went on a cruise.
  9. Meditated every day.
  10. Prayed.
  11. Did not hold back tears if needed.
  12. Went to Healing Rooms.
  13. Got on prayer lists.
  14. Wrote about my journey and shared it with others.
  15. Put an end to toxic relationships and habits.
  16. Started to paint in brighter colors.
  17. Fell in love.
  18. Danced a lot.
  19. Moved to another state.
  20. Laughed, laughed, laughed…

4 thoughts on “How I Beat Stage IV Cancer

  1. Indeed, cancer picked the wrong person! The cruise with Carol Duvall to the Caribbean was one of three I took in a short period of time. I have done a lot of living in the past six years so all is well.

  2. Love this post!! I remember you fondly from Carol Duvall’s show and freaked out a bit when I heard the news a while back. I’m *so* glad to hear you are doing well.

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