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Paper Beads

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This is my new paper pillow bracelet made out of authentic Yuzen paper, packing foam, beads and put together with elastic cord. Easy and fun to make! Now I will make a matching necklace. Where is the coffee?

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Crane Star Ornament

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This ornament is made of five golden cranes joined wing to wing which makes a lovely star.

This one is made from silver paper cut 3" square. I found that adding the string before joining the cranes wings is much easier.

The gift box for the ornament is my cat's empty tuna can, which has been decorated with paper! I use a special can opener which makes the edges smooth and the cans can be reused.

Click here to watch the how to video on the Yasutomo home page!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 December 2009 06:08 )

Origami Crane Card Video

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As promised, Karen has created a step by step video on how to fold the Origami Crane Card from her book, Origami Card Craft. This video will help if you are having difficulty following the diagram in the book. Enjoy!

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Oops! Origami Card Craft Corrections

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corrections for envelopes in Origami Card CraftIt was recently brought to my attention by one of my readers that a couple of projects in my book "Origami Card Craft" had incorrect paper sizes! I tested them out and discovered she was correct. There are two misprints in the directions on page 115 "Square With Pocket Envelope" and page 117 "Square with Tabs Envelope". I have posted the corrections here:

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