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Love Knot Card

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Making this card using handmade strips of paper will make it even more special for the receiver! The papers in the love knot can be made with the Arnold Grummer Paper Mill and cut into strips before forming into the knot. I am fortunate enough to own an Arnold Grummer paper press and I was able to flatten the papers for a smoother look.


Two contrasting strips of fibrous or handmade colored paper cut 4" x 11"
Mizuhiki paper ribbon or 1/4" ribbon
Decorative paper or card stock
Blank greeting card
Thin bodied white glue
Double stick tape
Cutting knife or paper cutter

Instructions for preparing the strips for the knot:

1. Fold the two strips in half lengthwise and fold the two outermost edges to the center fold. Open the folds back out and apply a thin coat of glue to the entire surface facing up. The two ribbons will now be about 1" wide by 11" long.

Making the knot: (See diagram below)

1. While the glue is still wet and the paper is pliable, form a large loop in the middle of one strip.
2. Introduce the second strip from the front. Bring it through and behind the first loop, then bring it forward and thread it through the lower part of the loop.
3. Gently pull the two opposite ends of the paper strips carefully together to form the knot. Tighten the knot carefully making sure the paper lies flat. The center of the knot will form a perfect hexagon. Let the knot dry thoroughly and trim ends to desired length with cutting knife or scissors.

Assembling the card:

Cut a piece of coordinating decorative card stock or handmade paper a little smaller than the front of the blank greeting card and glue to the card.  Apply double stick tape to the back of the knot and glue to the front of the card. Cut a piece of ribbon and insert into the center of the knot.

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